It all started early last November. A simple phone call asking if BARN would be interested in submitting an application to be selected for the IKEA’s Life Improvement Challenge. The extensive application process was certainly worth it when BARN was selected the winner out of the Woodbridge, Virginia store by an online voting campaign.

The IKEA planners and designers spent time at BARN to understand how they could best fill the multiple functions in each of the areas they were tackling for the makeover.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of IKEA for BARN’s makeover and the other makeovers chosen through other IKEA stores across the country. Thank you to all who voted to make our makeover possible!

Living Rooms


IKEA made sure that each of our 3 living rooms turned out bright, comfortable, and functional.



Multiple seating options and a great expansion on our computer area.





The 3 playrooms received wonderful detailed impact. Storage, function, and fun!






Office and Storage

IMG_1068Storage of clothing for the families was an issue until now! Looking forward to getting organized and our shelving system filled so we have items easily accessible when needed.

IKEA also provided a wonderful desk and seating for client meetings.





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